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Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Beer Friday...er Thursday!

Since it's Christmas tomorrow, we'll have New Beer Thursday! Note: LIQUOR STORES WILL CLOSE AT 6PM TONIGHT.

Uinta Stomping Grounds - It's a stout, so it looks "stouty" of course. Coffee is all over the nose a bit of malt trying to poke it's way through. Big coffee dominates the taste. Some chocolate and caramel round it out. It's pretty simple. If you're into coffee - you'll love it. Not so much? then I'd still give it a try. Who doesn't love coffee???? 8.1% ABV @ Uinta for now.

Uinta Snowbasin Amber Rye - Nice ruby hue. The nose is mostly pine and toasty malts. The taste starts malty and nutty with some rye spiciness. Big pine and a hint of citrus peel round it out. Finishes quite dry. Kinda reminds me of Cutthroat with rye. 4.0% ABV @ Uinta & Snowbasin Resort (for now)

Lagunitas Copper Fusion - I haven't tried it. If you have? tell us and share your thoughts on it here, please. This is Lagunitas' only draft beer available in Utah. 4.0% ABV @ Beer Bar, Spedelli's

Pelican Umbrella IPA - Fragrant nose of citrus and berry. The taste starts with a bit of malt sweetness. Some passion fruit and pear flavors come next. The fruitiness transitions to citrus peel and it ends with a bitter smack. Finishes moderately dry. Lighter in body, very drinkable. 7.4% ABV @ Bayou

Ommegang Game of Thrones - Iron Throne -Not tried this yet. Described as a Golden Blonde Ale with Noble hops. Iron Throne is certainly fair in color and soft in appearance.

Utah Brewers Cooperative  UT-X Series 1 - Not had this yet. It's descibed as unfiltered and light in color like a pale ale, with a sweet pear, light lemon and citrus flavor. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters/Wasatch Locations

Happy Holidays!


eogtr21 said...

Had the Lagunitas Copper Fusion at Spedelli's just the other day. Copper Fusion is one of the most delightful beers I've tried lately. Very well balanced with a huge kick in the face of citrus and fruit. The bitterness is enough for someone who enjoys a good IPA, while someone intimidated by bitterness will feel comfortable drinking it. Sessionable like you wouldn't believe. Also I believe they have this one on tap at The Ruin in Sugarhouse. It's labeled as Lagunitas Fusion 17... Didn't try it there, so I'm not sure it's the same thing.

Unknown said...

The New Lagunitas beer that is in the Utah draft market is called Lagunitas Copper Fusion 17 Ale. The tap handle that you saw at the Ruin in Sugarhouse is the same beer that you tried at Spedelli's.