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Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Beer Friday: Star Wars Edition

Payette Twelve Gauge Bourbon Imp StoutBig, sweet bourbon nose with vanilla and toffee as well. The taste starts with caramel, vanilla, toffee, bourbon, hint of char The end has butterscotch and oak. Alcohol is fairly well hidden. Quite nice! 10% ABV @Beer Bar, BeerHive,

Bohemian CzechUlator Dopple Bock The nose is nutty, chocolate, clean notes of malty sweetness. Some toffee and caramel in there as well. The flavor starts off similarly with some notes of traditional chocolatey, nutty, and toffee malts. As the flavor develops on the palate, though, I get some berry sweetness towards the end. Easy drinking and enjoyable. 7.6% ABV. A limited release that is only available at Bohemian's Brewery.

Rogue VooDoo Mango Astronaut Ale - I haven't tried this yet. It's described as having a cloudy copper color with a mango juice aroma. Taste has a noticeable mango flavor, with hints of vanilla. Not too sweet, but very flat body. Overall, its not too bad, mellow fruit flavors, easy to drink. 5.5% ABV @DABC

May The Force Be With You!


Unknown said...

Very disappointed in this weeks reviews, you completely missed Lagunitas Fusion 17 in 4% draught. It is made just for Utah and has had a huge roll out this past week. Great product.

Unknown said...

Hey Larry, you should start your own blog then...

SeeTown said...

Hey Larry, Michael's right. Start your own blog and chill out dude.