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Friday, November 03, 2017

New Beer Friday 11/3/17

Talisman's Barrel Aged Robust Stout: This special release is aged in Sugar House Distillery's Malt Whiskey barrels. Look for deep roasted notes with with oak and whiskey accents. 9.5% ABV. Available starting today at Talisman's bottle shop.

Breckenridge's Agave Wheat: Lemon and orange aroma with grassy fruit. The taste is lightly malty with crackers and grass. It's clean, highly drinkable and simple. 4.0% Available at grocery and c-stores.

Bohemian's Dukel: Dark brown in appearance. The nose is roasty with banana. The taste is mostly roast with a bit of malt a a hint of banana like esters. finishes somewhat dry. This is a little overly roasty for style. It could use a little more yeasty banana/clove balance. If Dunkels aren't your thing this one may be perfect for you. 4.0% ABV. On tap where you see Bohemian seasonal taps - cans coming soon to   grocery and c-stores.  

Shades of Pale's French Saison: This saison is on the hoppy side. Along with the yeast phenolics, there a nice fruitiness that come from the hop selection that includes Saaz, Amarillo, Cascade and Mosaic (dryhop). quite tasty. 4.0% ABV. Available at Shades of Pale.

Epic’s Common Interests: Light-straw color with just a hint of green in the highlights. Sweet honeydew rind, clean earth and oak hit the nose. The first sip is bright with citrus-tartness, lime and pith, that fades quickly to a cooling ripe-melon-sweetness with hints of cereal grain

Robinson /Iron Maiden Trooper Hallowed: decent aromas of caramel toffee and faint phenols,a bit of caramel apple comes to mind.Phenols are a little more pronounced on the palate wich is quite yeasty,caramel comes thru more as I drink more along with dried fruits.

Elysian’s Night Owl: Not tried this pumpkin Ale yet.

Tenaya Creek’s Gypsy Fade IPA: This Cascade hop driven beer takes you back about fifteen years with pine and a tinge of citrus. Straight up! 6.0% ABV. Available at The BeerHive.



Cody said...

I think Boho's Dunkel is a Munich Dunkel, not a Dunkelweisen...thus the limited (if any) banana/clover ester profile.

Paul K. said...

Yes Cody is exactly right. Bohemian's Dunkel is a Munich style dark lager and should only have a clean lager yeast profile NOT an estery yeast profile like in a Dunkelweizen. Munich style Dunkels are malt forward with notes of biscuit, toast, and chocolate. Hopefully this clears things up about the beer.