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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Skin and Beer in Utah County

By now you've figured out that I like to talk about beer, that's obvious. But to do it au' natural??? Now that's takes a true gift - with masculinity that I frankly just don't have.

So if you like a little soft-core porn with your beer, check out The Sunday Beer Club.

Host Don Lavange serves up a weekly video review of beer with charm and skin... at least during the warmer months. I have no Idea what going on outside of the camera's scope but "Holy Jebus I'm intrigued!!!" Love ya Don, keep it up... The beers I mean... not the other thing. Cheers!


Douglas said...

Man, that was not my idea of porn:) Either way, keep it up Don (wait...that sounds wrong)!

The Original Andy said...

I love beer. I love bein' nekkid. I really love drinkin' beer while I'm nekkid. I highly recommend this practice--I do it frequently.

wickenden said...

ahem. I'm usually sporting a pair of shorts for these videos.


Mikey said...

Yes that may be.... but we can dream. Took you long enough to see it. :)

Rod said...

I've got to agree with Don. I've been there enough times. He's always covering the naughty bits. That said, he's got a lot of the other bits that get plenty of airtime ;-) You've got to love it.

Mikey said...

The man is such a tease.