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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Green Pig

I love this photo! What you are looking at is the old bar from "Anchors Away", Remember???
It was the old tavern/coffee bar/restaurant that used to be next to Port o' Call on 400 s.

Anyway it's a nice bar, and instead of trashing it with the rest of the now defunct bar it was saved and stored for just such an emergency.

My pal Bridget Gordon, former beer goddess from Port o' Call is opening a new Pub in Salt Lake
with her hubby and it looks like "Anchor's" old bar is a perfect fit.

The Green Pig Pub is located at 31 E. 400 S. at the old Cabana Club location and looks like they've taken that old lounge space and remodeled it into their own.

The Green Pig is Scheduled to open sometime next month. Looks like it's gunna be a great place.

1 comment:

Plang said...

Yet another place to check out downtown. So many places, so little time!