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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Uinta's BBB

Last May Uinta announced that it would be releasing their experimental Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine. Ever since then people have been giddy with anticipation about a beer that was just a ghost to most.

Well we're in the home stretch. You should start seeing the limited edition beer within the next week or so. Expect to shell out $13.99 per 651 ml bottle. Cheers!


Lee Gientke said...

I've been wondering when this would appear. I've been checking in at the Draper store looking for it but as you say, it's been a ghost.

rip said...

Any idea which DABC stores will be getting it?

Mikey said...

Hey Rip, no idea which stores will be getting it. The only stores I know for certain would be the foothill store and the wine store on 300 east. Cheers!

rip said...

Sweet..thanks Mikey. The 300 east store isn't far from my house, I'll start check there early next week.

On a different subject...has Del set an opening date for the Beerhive?

Mikey said...

It's very close to completion. I don't have a hard date, but I would say the week of July 20th. I will post the exact date as soon as Del knows for sure.