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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Utah Brewers Festival 2010

Click Here for the 2010 Utah Beer Festival Info Page.
A lot of people have been asking me "what the hell is up with the Utah Brewers Festival". Sadly I've had no news 'till now.

Organizers have been busy trying to get a festival put together for this year, but due to the current economic climate it has been extremely difficult to secure sponsorship funding. They are interested... but not in '09.

So now organizers have now adjusted business plans for 2010 with the event moniker "Utah on Tap". It will likely not be at the Gallivan Center and no date is specified.

This is a good thing. Imagine a huge beer festival that coincides with a statewide Homebrew competition like the upcoming Beehive Brew-off. All in one weekend. I think that would be well worth waiting another year for. More news as I get it. Cheers!


T said...

That's great news! We tried contacting them earlier to volunteer with anything to help it get rolling, but they never got back to us ... so we assumed the whole UBF idea had been abandoned. Better 2010 than nothing. :-)

That would be awesome to have the homebrewing competition the same weekend, that would be one helluva festival!

kent said...

I agree. If it takes a year to get it all right then let it be done right.