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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bud Light Golden Wheat

Unless you've been living under a bridge for the last few weeks you may have noticed the full on media blitz that is Bud Light Golden Wheat.

This is AB/InBev's latest attempt to swoon the Beer "tweens". These are the people who are tired of the run-of-the-mill macro lagers, but are a little too afraid of really flavorful beers.

First off, this is actually a good looking Wheat beer. I was a little surprised they didn't filter the holy-hell out of it. It poured from a bottle a beautifully hazed golden orange color with a nice puffy white head. The nose is heavy with citrus rind and a hint of coriander. Thers's also a nice floral grassiness that rounds out some soft bready yeast notes. The flavor starts bready with a small amount coriander. Next comes the citrus rind with a grassy hop finish. Carbonation is high, typical of Bud Light. Mouthfeel is on the "high-side" of light.

I'm shocked! There's actually sediment in the bottom of my glass. If your a fan of Blue Moon then you will probably like Bud Light Golden Wheat. It far less interesting than Blue Moon, but it is a good gateway beer for people looking to get out of yellow, fizzy beer. I think this will do well in our market.

Overall it's an okay wheat beer. I'm surprised they didn't try to get this out during the warm weather months. Very refreshing... but it's not a beer that'll keep me coming back. Though I am glad that I didn't pass it by. 4.0% ABV. Available everywhere.

Seek out Wheat Beers from our Local Brewers and compare. I think you'll find a much more enjoyable experience.



Ben said...

BLGW is nothing like BM. It fails at an attempt to bring depth of flavor using citrus and beer drinkers should not compare it to Blue Moon. Blue Moon, for an US Belg. Wheat "Style" beer is great, but I think when you compare BLGW to it, its an insult. Coriander?....really?...sorry, I like BLL and BL, and Im not opposed to Drinking BLGW...but please...dont compare it to Blue Moon.

Mikey said...

Hey Ben, I never compared Bm to BLGW. I simply said that "if your a fan of Blue Moon then you will probably like Bud Light Golden Wheat". That's all. I also said, "it was far less interesting" than Blue Moon.

I was surprised that it BLGW didn't completely suck. That in no way diminished what Blue moon is.


Ben said...

Mikey, sorry dude...didnt mean to imply you compared it to BM. Im on the East coast and seems like lots of folks are comparing it to BM...which...as we know as expert beer enthusiasts :-) ...just isnt the case. I enjoy your blog very much...and enjoy getting out to Utah even more when I can! Keep up the great posts! your friend ben

Ben said...

check out my new blog if you wish to share your thoughts:

Douglas said...

Sorry to say, but Blue Moon is a below average beer anyway. It's fine for what it is (a macro product), but lets not pretend that its a great beer. Anyway, I'll try the Golden Wheat someday, it has to be a step up from Bud Light.

Mikey said...

Ben, it's all good. Thanks for posting!

Dollar in my Hand Andy said...

Somebody who knows more about this may correct me, but let me explain why I've never tasted Golden Wheat or "American Ale" or Michelob's new premium lineup. I love a Dunkelweiss, and there are only a couple of options available to me in this state, so I've been tempted on several occasions to pick up the anheuser-busch product. But I keep restraining myself.
I'm sure it's a decent product. I wouldn't expect any AB product to be exciting or anything, but they've got the basic brewing process down very well and are very good at avoiding and eliminating brewing flaws. I guarantee you none of these beers are going to suffer from dimethylsulfide or wild yeast infections or poorly controlled fermentation temps.
if I understand correctly, AB distributorship is fighting to kill the little guy. They strong-arm retail outlets into carrying a wider range of their own products if they want the ability to buy the cash cows Bud and Bud Light from the distributor. Basically, if the store doesn't want to buy Bud Light Golden Wheat, which may have marginal sales, the distributor refuses to sell the store Bud Light. Which means lots less shelf space for micros.
I know that doesn't apply as much here in Utah because they don't really have that much 4.0% beer to compete with for store shelf space. But nationwide, it's a pretty significant effect.
I know I'm just one consumer, but I'm a consumer who spends quite a bit on beer. None of that money goes to help encourage any distributor to keep any AB product on the shelves. Collectively, we keep local and independent brews on the shelf at the Maverik across the street from me and in the Albertson's a few blocks away and even the Costco. And at a place like the little mideastern market where I often stop for beer for Sunday softball games, there isn't shelf space for even our few local beers next to the new brands from AB and Miller. Keep the local products moving and motivate the distributors to keep buying from the little guys.

Douglas said...

^ Dead on Andy. Besides everything you have mentioned, and besides that drinking local is much better for the environment, craft beer is a much better product. Macros survive and thrive because of marketing- period. They live and die not on quality, but on mass production, economies of scale, lower prices and a consistent product.

mark said...

Yes but we can let Mikey drink it so we don't have to.

Kinda like watching the news guys get tasered or clobered in a giant storm.


Anonymous said...

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