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Friday, October 30, 2009

Moab's Wee Heavy

The Third beer in Moab's Desert Select Series is available for purchase Moab's Scottish Style Ale or "Wee Heavy" is a rich, full ale made with smoked malt, English hops and is aged in French oak barrels.

Head brewer Jeff Van Horn describes it as "A great winter beer with rich caramel and dark fruit flavors". The Ale was bottle conditioned for four months in one liter bottles and has an ABV of 8.6%. The cost is $12.99. Only available at the Brewpub in Moab.

In other beer news Sierra Nevada's Estate Harvest Ale is finally here. I had it at the Bayou, so it should be in select liquor stores.

Also in are two new Deschutes labels. Jubelale is a Holiday ale that's full of hops caramel, toffee malts with a light, dry fruitiness 6.70 abv.

Hop Trip is from Deschutes' Bond Street Series. You'd think with a name like Hop Trip that this would be a "hop monster". It's actually a nicely balance American Pale Ale, nice hop profile with a healthy malt backbone. 5.5% abv.

I believe Jubelale is only available at the Bayou & Beerhive. Hop Trip Should be available at state liquor stores.

And... The 9th Annual Beer Dinner at Lugano will be held November 4th. Cutthroat, Duck Confit and King's Peak Porter will be part of the six-course menu.

$45 per person
optional pairings:
beer $18
wine $39

Call Lugano for reservations: 801-412-9994.



Douglas said...

I stopped by the State Liquor Store yesterday, no Estate Harvest or the 2 new Deschutes. But they did have Winterfest! The return of a classic. What is Duck Confit?

Mikey said...

The DABC isn't exactly swift. Can't wait to get some of that Winterfest

Duck Confit consists of salt curing a piece of meat (generally goose, duck, or pork) and then poaching it in its own fat.

Mark said...

The Jubelale probably won't be in the stores at all. I think that Del and I were the only special orders for that.

They did bring in a pallet of Hop Trip of which about 1/3 total went to The Bayou and Beerhive. The rest should show up around town soon. The state was pretty clueless about that beer though. We were calling every day about it and being told they didn't have it. All the while it was sitting in the warehouse. The Deschutes rep went over and pointed it out to them :)

The Harvest is a limited item and should show up around town soon also. I know it just barely arrived in the system though.


Douglas said...

^Thanks for the info Mark. Why does that not surprise me. Do they understand that for hoppy beer, freshness matters a lot?

Mark said...

I know. It's insane. And when I say he went down to point it out to them I mean it literally. He went to the warehouse and said "See that beer there? That's the Hop Trip." Then they finally said "oh yeah, we have that now."



josh said...

Gotta love Utah. Life Elevated my ass.

Anyone know what makes the state decide to carry something that was a special order regularly? I'd love to see as much of the Deschutes lineup in the stores as possible. Also, any word on how much Abyss will be at Beerhive, whether the Bayou will also have it, or whether the stores will have any?

Douglas said...

My understanding is that Mark and Del play a major role in what comes into the state. Also, the brewer at Deschutes worked hard to get his beer into this state. We will/do have most of their regular line up now I think. Just nothing draft-only.

Brendan said...

Speaking of the Moab Special editions, Poplar Pub had the last special edition trippel. One of the bartenders there is a friend of Jeff and brought some up. I don't know if they are getting any of the other specials.

Mikey said...

Thanks Brendan, that's good to know. I'll have to stop in and see what they have.