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Thursday, October 15, 2009

RedRock Brewer's Select

Early last month we showed the RedRock crew harvesting hops from the High Desert Hop Farm. Today the fruits of their labor hits the taps in SLC.

RedRock Brewer's Select is a fresh hop beer that Kevin came up with. The CTZ hops used in this beer were off-the-vine and in the kettle in less than 24hrs.

The hop profile is said to be huge. I hope to know first hand this afternoon. I don't imagine it'll last long.


Photo Courtesy: Hobocline


Douglas said...

Awesome. Is this a Pale Ale or an IPA?

adrian said...

its a Pale. and its pretty damn good.

Mikey said...

A damn fine Pale Ale. Great balance considering the big hop profile.

Douglas said...

It's drinking well. I got a growler!