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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Gift Pack at Squatters

Tomorrow 11/20 begins the annual return of Squatters' Holiday Nut Brown Ale. This is quite a tasty American brown ale. The Holiday Nut Brown has a more of an assertive hop profile than most brown ales you may have tried; while staying true to it's malty/nutty roots.

Special for this years release is a cool gift pack that goes on sale along with it. For $12.99 you receive a commemorative Holiday Nut Brown Ale - flip top 1 liter growler (filled with Nut Brown Ale) and two pint glasses with the Nut Brown Ale logo on them.
Not a bad deal, eh?

Also on tap there is still some of Squatters' award winning Black Forest Schwarzbier, as well as Hop Riot.



Craig said...

Thanks for the heads up Mike. I went by today and had a few pints and then bought the Gift Pack. It was kinda funny when I asked about it. The bartender didn't know anything about it. He asked his boss and she got things going. He said they just decided about this special last night! You are in the know! He asked where I heard about the deal so I told him.
The price was $12.97. The glasses look OK but they put square labels on the glass, so it doesn't follow the curve of the glass very good and just doesn't look right.

Mikey said...

I've got your back Craig. Hope you'll make it to the Holiday Tasting.


Craig said...

I'll be there

Douglas said...

That NBA is one hoppy Brown Ale! Nice seeing you Craig, lets meet this week/Friday at Mikey's office perhaps?