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Monday, November 02, 2009

A New Website for Desert Edge

Actually it's their first website. Why so long in coming? Well... let me try to put this in a way most people will understand.

Some asshole/Douche-bag decided to squat on the the Desert Edge domain name for quite a while, making it difficult for our friends at Trolley Square to properly create and market their brand. Well apparently they've resolved it because they're online now baby! And it's about damn time.



Douglas said...

Awesome. Next, the Beerhive:)

Andy likes The Pub said...

The Desert Edge is a good brewery in a nince space. They get overlooked so often, I think partly because they've always been so quiet. They need to make some noise. Gotta spend some money to make money. I think that is changing now, with the new brewhouse and the website is also a good sign. They need to get their name out there. Oh, and stop using that freaking team serving approach. I want a dedicated server when I go out to eat.

Mikey said...

Believe it or not the domain beerhive.com has already been taken by (this is serious) Mario's Family Pizzeria in Santa Cruz, Ca. I'm sure Del will come up with somthing soon... I hope.

Douglas said...

^Frankly, I doubt that the name is crucial. I mean, couldn't this website just as easily be utahbeers.com or beerinutah.com? Sure, a perfect url is great, but wouldn't beerhivebar.com be just fine? No worries either way, I'm just saying.

Ed said...

Yeah, people are probably more likely to just do a search for "Beerhive" anyway. Try it on Google, and you'll find a bunch of pages about the bar -- and nothing about any Pizzeria.

If you put up a decent site and people give a shit about you, they'll be able to find it. We're way past the point of thinking URLs are a life-and-death issue.