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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Utah Holiday Beer Tasting

Okay, It looks like the evening of December 11th, 2009 (Friday) is the popular day for our first ever Holiday Beer Tasting. Thanks to local beer savant Eric Wells, we have acquired the Irving Schoolhouse, a cozy - spacious clubhouse to hold the event.

Going this route we will be able to enjoy whatever beverages we desire without the restrictions that bars impose. Right now we have about 15 attending, including local brewers and industry professionals.

Please throw out suggestions for discussion. We have plenty of time.
Contact me at utahbeer@gmail.com



T said...

Awesome! Thanks Eric :)

We will be there.

Douglas said...

Awesome. I think a few of us know that place! Easy parking for everyone as well.

Jesse said...

is this an open invitation?

Mikey said...

>Jesse said...
>is this an open invitation?


I'll provide more info in a couple of days.

Craig said...

Sounds great. I just picked up a few decent bombers in Idaho today. I'll "try" to not crack them open and bring them with me.

Jamie said...

Jared and I will be there! Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

(poor college student) if I can sneak the money from my wife (she gives me a beer allowance) and hitch a ride down to SLC, how much will it cost, what do I need to bring, am overwhelmed with excitement to meet somebody in Utah who likes to drink craft ales, maybe I can call in a favor and get my buddy from Portland to bring me some good Northwestern beer!! Please let me know!!!

Mikey said...

Trevor, here a link to all the info.
email me with questions.