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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Breakfast in a Glass

Tomorrow Hoppers is putting on tap Donovan's Irish Breakfast Stout. It combines an Oatmeal Stout with a Sweet 'Milk' Stout that contains unfermentable lactose milk sugars, then they added several pounds Millcreek Guatemalan coffee. Donovan uses their house London Ale yeast strain and are leaving it unfiltered, but still very bright.

The aroma starts with a rich full coffee aroma, oatmeal, chocolate, and slight fruitiness. The rich body is backed with flavors of creamed coffee and then a rich malty silky oatmeal. It finishes with a lingering Guatemalan Coffee Flavor and fresh milk chocolate and slight fruitiness. Let it warm a bit to get all the complex coffee flavors, oats, and fruity yeast aromas. It's breakfast in a pint!

Wow! What a great week for local craft beer.



Craig said...

I love all these good beers being released lately.

Douglas said...

Hell Yes!