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Thursday, December 10, 2009

RedRock's New Brewery Goes On-Line

RedRock's new brewery is finally up and running. Last Tuesday Eric Dunlap and Brewmaster Kevin Templin flipped on all the switches - got out their mash paddle and started making beer.

If your expecting the inaugural beer to be something grand and momentous; like some ancient beer/mead hybrid made with a six thousand year old yeast strain... I'm gunna have to disappoint. It was their good 'ol Hefe... Hey these boys still have a schedule to keep!

All the beer coming from the new facility will be kegged for distribution out side of RedRock. So start looking for their beer to start appearing on more taps around the state. RedRock's brewpub brewery will still be making their award winning beers as usual. Congrats Guys!

Here's a video commemorating the facilities first brew day.

Congrats Guys & Cheers to you!


Steve said...

Hey, way to go! I've heard opening breweries in Utah is not the easiest task but it's just what Utah needs, more beer!
I know how dedicated all of the brewing staff is for good brew, they are always willing to blab beer-talk any time I'm in, group of super zealous guys, so I'm excited to see what's in store on the scene in the next few years!
Speaking of pork..I thought the first one made at the brand new brewery might be the bacon beer, love it.
Being a hophead myself, the IPA jr. and the harvest ale were tasting yummy a few weeks back but I miss the organic pale?(is that what it's called?) & the dark IPA.
Question: Is there going to be a tasting room at the new brewery? anyone?

Mikey said...

Yeah that Dark IPA was pretty good. There's not a tasting room at the new place. It's more of a production brewery. I doubt they'd want to take foot traffic away from the brewpub anyway. Cheers.

Josh said...

Are they planning to sell in the grocery stores as well, or just more bars?

Mikey said...

A bottling line is in the master plan but no decisions have been made yet as to when.

Steve said...

Personally, I would love more options in the grocery store. Bought my first sixer of the Hop Rising today but had to go to the Liquor store 3 miles away instead of the grocery store 300 yards away..Oh, well, it's tasting good.
So, Lets get this straight:Red Rocks expanded,also Uintah, Desert Edge, and the Bohemian plus from what I can gather, two new breweries opening up. Am I missing anything else?
And when I moved here a couple years ago my friends said there was no beer in Utah, Ha!

Anonymous said...

I hear Hopper's will have a high ABV line out soon, as does Moab Brewing even though I can't find any, I dunno if those count as expansions but just sayin'...