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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two Big - New Releases

Today there are two big debuts on the Utah craft beer scene, so lets get right to it.

First off, we have RedRock's long awaited version of their collaboration beer Paardebloem (Flemish for Dandelion). This beer was brewed earlier in the year at RedRock & New Belgium breweries. While NB's version was released soon after brewing RR's went into American oak barrels for aging.

Inspired by the great hop shortage of 2008, dandelion greens were used as they have a natural bittering effect much like hops. The result is a blond ale brewed with toasted pilsener malt, flavored with fresh picked dandelion greens and grains of paradise.

Paardebloem is hazy and light gold in color with peachy/lemony nose. It has a unique floral bitterness with a big malty backbone. There is a touch of added sourness(intentional)that the New Belgium version lacks. This provides a nice balance for the big spicy/sweetness the ale carries.

The ABV is at 8.8% and sells for $15.00. Most importantly there are only 150 bottle available! So I don't have to tell you that this won't be around for much more than a couple of weeks. Only available for "in house" sales at RR's downtown SLC location.
Next we have Outer Darkness. This is the first commercially produced Imperial Stout brewed in Utah.

This beer is big all around. Big espresso notes, big cocoa, Big roastiness and big alcohol. 10.5% abv to be exact. This may put Outer Darkness very close to being Utah's strongest beer ever.

Squatters has 800 bottles and they will be $14.99 for sale at the table or out the door. For the best Outer Darkness drinking experience Brewmaster Jenny Talley recommends warming it to 45f before opening and pour the beer directly down the center of the glass without any tilt. This beer is big enough that it can be cellared for 1-3 years before resurrecting.

For sale at Squatters Pub downtown SLC and at Squatters Roadhouse Grill in Park City.



Douglas said...

Yes! But I'm in Pittsburgh:(

kent said...

This sounds so tasty. I may need to see if I can grab a case of the stout.

Josh said...

Cannot wait to get some Outer Darkness, oh man... Also, any news on when Abyss will be here yet?

Gunther said...

Anyword on if the outer darkness will be available at a more friendly price?

tributetobeer1 said...

You may have covered this already, but The Bohemian has a new seasonal too. Schwenkelweiss Black Wheat. Small batch available today.

Mikey said...

Josh, the state screwed up the order on the Abyss. So as far as I know it's sitting on the dock in Bend, Or waiting to go out.

Gunther, small batch beers are more expensive to make. If it sells well it could find it's self produced on a larger scale. Which will bring the price down.

Tribute to Beer guys, I am sitting at Bohemian as I write this. There is a problem with the draft line, so the Bohemian Dunkle will not be avaible today. Probably tomorow.


Josh said...

*goes postal on DABC hq*

Killian said...

My girlfriend and I split a bottle of Paardebloem last night, and it was amazing. The girl behind the counter told us that there were 250 bottles, rather than 150. I hope she's right, cause we'll be going back for more.

kent said...

Stopped in for lunch today and tried the Outer Darkness. It's very good. Nice mocha note right off the bat and very rich. I took my sister with me who's partial to Chasing Tail and she thought it was very tasty as well. I picked up a case as apparently it's going fast.

Anonymous said...

For folks wanting the Outer Darkness, I wouldn't wait very long if I were you. Sitting in Squatters yesterday, they were going really fast! They started with 800 and are already down to 400 or 500 bottles. I can attest that OD is fantastic though.

On a sadder note, Red Rock is not letting the dandelion walk. I wanted to grab a couple bottles (or at least one) to take north with me and one of the brewers said it was in-house only. I couldn't stay for a drink at the time, so I had to leave without trying it.

Vermont gal said...

Very cool report, and website in general. I will definitely appreciate the info on here. Paardebloem, by the way, is Dutch. In Belgium, Dutch and French are spoken. I don't think there is a language called Belgian. :)

Anonymous said...

No, it's Flemish.

Mikey said...

You know, in my earlier posts about Paardebloem I referred to it as Flemish. Don't know why I decided to stink-it-all-up that day. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

Op uw gezondheid or A VOTRE SANTE!

Anonymous said...

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