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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bohemian's Schwenkelweiss Black Wheat

The Bohemian Brewery doesn't brew seasonal beers very often, so when they do it's definitely worth talking about. Today the boys at Bohemian are releasing their Schwenkelweiss Black Wheat. It utilizes a wide array of wheat malts to give the beer a fine chocolaty aroma and flavor, that's balances well with a refreshing wheat tang. Or so they say.

Another thing that makes this beer unusual for Bohemian is that it's nitrogen conditioned instead of the normal Co2. Which should add a nice silky mouthfeel to the brew.

This is looking to be a great week for new beers. Should be on the taps by the afternoon.



Dono said...

Nice work Bobby and crew. I've been waiting for something new, close a couple times. Glad to see that you convinced the powers that be. Hope it's a hit. I'll be by soon to grab some.

Douglas said...

Can't wait to try it.

Craig said...

Should be on tap now. I was there yesterday (12/22), they were hoping to get it tapped later that night.