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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Chef Gary 'Captain Bastard' Maxwell Passes

Last Sunday Chef Gary 'Captain Bastard' Maxwell passed away. Gary was the former Master Chef of Squatters Pub Brewery, Fuggles and was working for Sizzling Platter/Hoppers as a computer tech and occasional culinary adviser.

Chef Maxwell was known by many brewers and worked alongside them in creating great food to go along with their beer. He had just started down a new carer path in computer technology. I know many brewers, and those in the brewing community, have had the pleasure of knowing him and working along side of him. We all still continue to enjoy his creations and celebrate his life.

So hoist a pint of his namesake Captain Bastard's Oatmeal Stout in his honor.

Cheers Captain!


Anonymous said...

Utah has suffered a great loss with the loss of Gary. Thanks for posting this.

Mark Alston said...

All afternoon I have been re-experiencing all the special meals I have had from Gary. Fabulous experiences, anniversaries and birthdays at Cafe Bacchus, the special meal he made for Kileen's (my wifes) 41'st birthday, an unbelievable feast he made for me and the Beer Nut crew up at the solitude yurt.

I am not exagerating when I say that a good majority of my most favorite dining experiences were at Gary's hand.

He and I were business partners for a very short and disasterous period.

He had gone through some rough times and burned some bridges in life but for me he was a huge teddy bear of a person and I was always happier for his presence, which had been far to infrequent lately.

There is a huge Gary shaped gap in SLC and my and my wifes life now that can never be filled.

Thanks Gary. I miss you already.

Donovan said...

Thanks Mikey,
I feel very fortunate to have worked with him on beer pairing and putting on one of my most memorable brewers dinners last spring. He had an addictive personality and tried to keep everything light hearted and fun. His enjoyment of good food with good beer left me inspired to make new beers.
One couldn't meet him without feeling a renewed desire to recreate the old style and to make something new and exciting. Thanks Max!

Jamie said...

Some of the best meals in my life were made by Gary. My husband remembers the Cucumber Gin sorbet at Kileen's birthday and talks about it to this day. Just thinking about his cooking makes me hungry. Gary, you will be missed.

MoonDog said...

I have known Garry for 20 years. We've worked, drank, cooked, talked. He stood by me at my lowest point in life.

Unfortunately I was one of the bridges he burned. His last few years he struggled with more than his health. I never wished him ill will.

I feel sorrow for his family, which I had met. They really adopted a child that grew out of proportions in every way. Thoughts go out to them.

Garry had a knack for food. It is unfortunate he burnt out. But as everything that happens at moments like these, he will not fade away. I and every other chef that has ever worked with him has bastardized recipes from him. Some better. Some getting there.

His passion for food was only slightly shadowed by his passion for life.


Good look Garry.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio this morning that there will be a wake for Garry at Squatters on Sunday. If anyone has any details on that, will you post it?

Mark Alston said...

Info about the wake:

Sunday Dec 14th at Squatters 4:00 - 9:00 pm.

email address for notifications is garryswake@hotmail.com

Also funeral on Saturday at 11. Details in tribune.

FYI, been thinking about you all week MoonDog.

Mark Alston said...

Some more info about the wake...

In lieu of flowers there will be a suggested $20 at the door to assist with funeral/estate costs for Garry. Any extra funds gathered will go to the family.