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Monday, January 09, 2012

Your Input is Needed!

2012 is still in it's wee infancy and we here at Utah Beer wanna make sure you get your "outrage on" early so that your nice and primed for the annual liquor circle jerk on the hill known as the Utah Legislative Session.

One of the things I hope this... this thing that we've all created manages to accomplish is to get you, the outraged beer lov'n Utahan - into the game and try to take charge of your own destiny.

Tomorrow, you may get an opportunity to be heard. The DABC Review Committee is having a public hearing on how to solve the problems at the DABC.

The DABC Review Committee isn't part of the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. It was created by legislators to seek out broader public input into the debate over how to address the problems that exist in the current system for alcohol regulation in Utah.

Your input is needed. This meeting isn't going to be about, "how to get Utah out of the liquor business" or "fridges in Liquor Stores" it's about getting input from the adult Utah drinker to the people who will be making the decisions on how to improve the states biggest money making department.

The meeting is tomorrow Jan 10, 2012 from 2pm-4pm at the Salt Lake City Main Library. 4th floor conference room. There will likely be media of types there. A huge presence could go a long way in showing lawmakers the we're serious about getting Utah into the post prohibition Twentieth Century and beyond.



Anonymous said...

This was included in my cover letter when I "applied" for the ED position of the DABC. It wasn't really an application more of a statement.

Ideas for DABC’s future;
• Develop the Chairman’s Selection – A highlighted fine wine selection offered at a discounted price on a monthly basis. Establish a Chairman’s Selection membership club where customers pre-pay for the next month’s selection.
• Creating a Virtual Store with all available wine selections – customers can pre-order wine from all the pre-selected state choices and have the bottles delivered to the store of their choice.
• Create a Personal Library for customers – build a customer friendly database which tracks past purchases so customers can reference which selections they liked and would like to purchase again. This library can be integrated into the DABC system to advertise upcoming sales on their selected items.
Direct Shipping – research opportunities to offer consumers more choices, resulting in tax benefits for the state, with limited expenses.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the blank stares someone would get if they actually suggested those things at a real meeting.