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Friday, May 11, 2012

New Beer Friday (Wookey Jack)!!!

Yup! That my boy up there. People often confuse us for brothers. I personally don't see it. I'm much hairier.  When I heard Firestone Walker was naming a beer after my Kashyyyk, kinfolk. I called my favorite bandoleer wear'n space mammoth... And as you can see; he got a little excited. As did I!

Wookey Jack pours black with a fluffy but sturdy beige head. The nose is full of Citrus and Amarillo with hints of rye malt beneath. The Taste starts with big citrus and pine. Thick "chewie" caramel and toffee malts are next. Spicy rye punches the tongue and rounds out the hops. Hints of pumpernickel, cocoa and Wookey pelt round out the end. Finishes slightly dry and peppery.

This beer is very well balanced. Masterfully made. A limited edition treat you absolutely must try. It's a great time to be a rye beer lover!

8.3% ABV. Available now at the Beerhive, Bayou and possibly State Liquor stores in the coming weeks.


It is very likely that Hoppers Brewmaster and Secret Agent, Donovan Steele will not get any of these, Star Wars references (sad, I know). Tiffany, please help the poor lad out.


kent said...

Well that sounds damn tasty.

Dono said...

What's this about drinking a hairy chewie wookey, and I don't even want to know what a hint of cocoa wookey pelt tastes like even if it does round out an end. But hey, if you're excitted, I'm happy for you. Cheers I think!

Tiff said...

^ He's a lost cause. Last time I tried 'splaining, Dono said he just doesn't get Star Trek. (Naturally I asked him to never speak to me in public again.)

Tiff said...

I am loving these rye beer options though!

Jamie said...


kent said...

Best comments ever in this here thread!

Tiff, dare I ask if Donovan understands Dr. Who?

Tiff said...

Nah, no Dr. Who either. Or anything that is sci-fi or fantasy. Weird, huh?