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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Epic/Ska Skeptic Collaboration Ale

Epic Brewing Co. and Ska Brewing out of Durango, CO have teamed up to produce a beer specifically made for Colorado's Collaboration Festival. This fest is all about teaming up breweries from around the world to see what different minds can produce.

The Epic/Ska beer will be an American IPA aged in Peach Street Distillers' Peach Brandy Barrels. This beer will be available in Colorado before it hits Utah, but rest assured - it will be coming to Utah in a limited release. I'll let you know when that day gets close.


Label found at Shipcomplient.com


kent said...

Oh hell yes!

Faruk Hasan said...

I love this craft beer, however I'm finding it more difficult every day to find it, seems as if it's not a good seller for whatever reason but its certainly better than most of the common commercial brands, try it and educate your palate, cheers!