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Friday, February 26, 2016

New Beer Friday 2/26/16

Sorry for this late and half-assed New Beer Friday. It's been a busy morning. Please enjoy!

Ballast Point Mango Even Keel - A Session IPA with an assertive mango flavor, but I wouldn't call it a fruit beer.  The hops still shine through the fruit flavors and the malty backbone is not overpowering. Not too bad for a fruity IPA.3.8% ABV @Grocery/Convenience Stores

Deschutes Abyss (Rye Whiskey Aged) - The nose has bourbon, roasted malt, bittersweet cocoa, molasses, with a hint of dark fruit and barrel. The taste starts with roasted malt and cocoa followed by bourbon and molasses. Also has barrel throughout and a lasting molasses and rye aftertaste. Dry and bitter. 13.2% ABV @Beerhive

Uinta 801 Coffee Pilsner - If your expecting a dark color from the coffee addition you can forget it. This beer has all that filtered out leaving a nice yellow straw color behind. The nose is cappuccino-esque with a taste that is similar and subdued. Surprising drinkable. 4.0% ABV @ Bayou, BeerHive and Beer Bar

Beer Bar and the Beerhive have teamed up on a special order from Prost Brewing out of Denver. Prost is mainly a lager house similar to our own Bohemian Brewery. Here's what's in.

Prost Pilsner
Prost Weissebier
Prost Dunkel
Prost Altbier
Prost Dopple Bock



RoadKill said...


Shane in SLC said...

I rather like a good fruit-infused IPA. So I was excited when my wife brought home a 6-pack of the Ballast Point Mango Even Keel, but I was really disappointed when I actually drank one. If Jolly Rancher made a mango-flavored candy, and you dropped one into a mediocre session IPA (I think Ballast Point is seriously overrated in general), it would taste a lot like it.

I'm hopeful that Sockeye will finally bring their Mango Session IPA to Utah--it was one of my favorite beers from last summer's Beer Festival. In the meantime, the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA, which I just found in the Sugar House state store, is really good--the mango and papaya is much more subtle and well integrated than in the BP. Just my two cents...