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Friday, February 19, 2016

New Beer Friday 2/19/16

A big damn day for sour lovers. If you've never tried any of Cascade Brewing Company's sour ales, you day has finally come. If you've had them, you get it. They are for the most part simply sublime and not exactly easy to get. The Beer Bar managed to secure a special order and me thinks, things will never be the same. The following Cascade beers are only available at the Beer Bar and The Bayou. I'm not going to get into prices (I never do) but, they're not going to be cheap - that being said, they'll still disappear fast. Don't wait to long. 

Cascade Brewing Blueberry Ale - The nose has oak mixed with a tart blueberry and unripened cranberries The taste starts with a hit of blueberries, some lemon peel and vinegar. There are some raspberry notes creeping onto the sides of the tongue as well but it ends with blueberry. the finish is fairly dry and prickly. 7.3% ABV

Cascade Brewing Cranberry Ale - The nose has rich berries and is slightly yeasty. The taste follows with added oak present as well. The cranberry isn't necessarily strong in flavor but the layers of flavor consisting of tartness/sourness, oak, and some green apple was excellent. Complex and very drinkable. 8.0% ABV

Cascade Brewing Noyaux Ale - The nose is oaky with some raspberries and apricot. a slight nuttiness too. The taste starts with raspberry and mango. Apricot comes next with a good smack lactic sourness sourness to balance it out. Finishes with a bit of plum and drying oak. Very yummy! 8.5% ABV

Cascade Brewing Sang Noir - The nose is full of cherry and a hint of vanilla bourbon. The taste is similar to the nose starting off with a slight sourness and bourbon with more distinct sour cherry notes rounding out the end. The finish is long and drawn outwith mild acidity. Probably my favorite of the four. 9.5% ABV

If sours aren't your thing, 2 Row Brewing has something in the complete opposite direction in regards to the sours listed above.

2 Row Limited Release Beer #2 American Porter - The nose has rich roasted malt, coffee and light chocolate. The flavors are similar, but not quite as sweet as the nose. Dark roasted coffee, roasted and blackened malt, smoky notes and a touch of toffee. The body is medium/full and the carbonation is prickly. 7.0% ABV @ 2 Row, Beer Bar, BeerHive, Bayou

Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin - The nose has pineapple and tropical fruits. The flavor has pineapple, of course but not too sweet at all. The best part of this beer is that the IPA is still identifiable underneath. Just a delicious tropical hop West coast IPA with a subtle addition of pineapple. 7.0% ABV @ BeerHive & Slackwater

Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado - The nose is all watermelon with some unidentifiable hops lurking beneath.The taste is pleasant watermelon with heavy bittering hops backing it up. The hops don't seem to compliment the melon very well. Beware, this dials in at 10.0% ABV @ BeerHive & Slackwater


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