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Monday, September 05, 2011

22 Years and Still Pouring

Twenty-two years ago today, Squatters poured their first beers for customers, and ever since tongues around the state have been much happier.

Later this afternoon/evening Squatters will be taping Crested Trail Pale Ale. An uber hoppy pale that makes grown men giggle like schoolgirls.

Get on it! this one doesn't last long.


Craig said...

Congrats, here's to 22 more

kent said...

Yes congrats! It was a pleasure to have some of that wonderful Hop Head Red on commemorate. Delicious.

Plang said...

Is this one only at the restaurants or will this be at the brewery as well?

Mikey said...

Just on tap at the Brewpub. This isn't a special release, it's a seasonal that just happened to come out on the same day.