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Friday, September 09, 2011

New Beer Friday 9/9/11

Today we have three new style bending beers that frankly defy categorization. And just in case you missed last nights post Uinta's Jacked Imperial Pumpkin should be on sale today at the brewery.

North Coast Grand Cru: Pours a rich golden color, with a large quickly dissipating head. The nose is of apple, pear, honey and vanilla. The tastes starts with pear, raisins and sweet caramel. Dark fruits come next with slight bourbon notes. The finish is boozy and phenolic. This is one sweet som' bitch and it's 12.9% abv is not something to take lightly. @ Beerhive.

Deschutes/Boulevard Collaboration No. 2 - White IPA: The nose is of lemon and grapefruit with notes of coriander, pepper and Belgian yeast. The taste starts with coriander and orange peel with hints of lemongrass. Next comes a malty spiness that transitions into a hoppy, bitter - west coast IPA finish. This is an anomaly. It's like a Saison and a Belgian IPA got drunk while listening to the Conan The Barbarian Soundtrack (Arnold) and had a kid. Yeah, I know!
@ Beerhive & Bayou.

Epic's Brainless on Cherries #5: This one is unique from the others because it was aged in red wine barrels instead of white wine. It's described as less sweet as the dryer red wine adds more tannin and tartness to round out the cherries and malty sweetness of the beer. Sound like the dryer #5 will be more complementary toward the fruit. Can't wait to try it. @ Epic



KAGent777 said...

I am not interested in the Grand Cru. DABC, could you bring in some NCBC Old Stock Old Ale. That is one that I would buy several bottles of.


xlpharmacy said...

I love the juicy flavor of this incredible beer! nice selection