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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beers You're No Longer Drinking

If your readings this, odds are you mainly pursue craft beer brands. Would it surprise you to know that these smaller craft brands are slowly "putting the hurt" on the big boys, and their sales are falling.

There are eight beers that Americans are drinking less and less of. Some of them may surprise you.

8. Budweiser
Sales loss (2006-2010): -30%
Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Barrels sold (2010): 18 million.

7. Milwaukee’s Best Light
Sales loss (2006-2010): -34%
Brewer: MillerCoors Brewing
Barrels sold (2010): 1.3 million.

6. Miller Genuine Draft
Sales loss (2006-2010): -51%
Brewer: MillerCoors Brewing
Barrels sold (2010): 1.8 million

5. Old Milwaukee
Sales loss (2006-2010): -52%
Brewer: MillerCoors Brewing
Barrels sold (2010): 525,000

4. Milwaukee’s Best
Sales loss (2006-2010): -53%
Brewer: MillerCoors Brewing
Barrels sold (2010): 925,000

3. Bud Select
Sales loss (2006-2010): -60%
Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Barrels sold (2010): 925,000

2. Michelob Light.
Sales loss (2006-2010): -64%
Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Barrels sold (2010): 525,000

1. Michelob
Sales loss (2006-2010): -72%
Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Barrels sold (2010): 175,000

Oddly enough, Michelob; the most palatable of the eight (in my opinion) is tanking fast. I don't know what the average price point is here, but I suspect it's a significant factor.

What do you attribute to this slide?


Source: 24/7 Wall St. used two databases to do its analysis. One is kept by SymphonyIRI Group, one of the largest consumer research firms in the U.S. The other is from specialist research firm, beer marketer’s INSIGHTS, Inc.


Nos33 said...

I believe that Americans are finally understanding that flavor is a good thing in beer and all BMC beers just dont cut it anymore. All hail craft brew

Anonymous said...

Having recently watched the documentary "Beer Wars" I'm happy to see these figures.
Perhaps with their declining sales they'll stop bullying the craft brewers and start brewing good beer, but I doubt it.

Mikey said...

I suspect they'll start buying craft breweries in greater numbers to compensate.

Jeremy Camp said...

"You're" no longer drinking.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Mikey is right since Annheiser has already started doing that with some of my favorite breweries such as Red Hook!

Carlos said...

Not the Beast! Noooooooooo! ;)

Noticeably absent, however, are Bud Light and Miller Lite. Until those numbers start dropping I'm not declaring victory for good beer just yet...

Anonymous said...

AB just purchased Goose Island, the lines between Craft and Macro will become increasingly blurred. The big boys aren't going to loose money.

Mikey said...

@Jeremy. "your" correct. Thanks :)

Diamond Mind said...

Whaaaat! People are no longer drinking milwakee's best?? Shocking...What about Old Style? Surely someone somewhere is still drinking generic beer?? 8O

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the numbers here do not tell the full story.
First beer sales as a whole are decreasing here as they are in Europe. Craft sales are increasing as we all know however they do not come close to covering the loss in overall barrelage. This is in part due to some health concerns that people have regarding beer. You are seeing an increase in wine sales, also there is an increase among younger drinkers towards distilled spirit brands. They are also the other part of the over all alcohol industry that is increasing.
While craft is making a very small dent in the macro beer kingdom, the majority of their losses are coming from the distilled spirits industry. As I stated that is the largest growing alcohol segment among people 21-29, and as we all know it is that age group that consumes very large volumes.
Also the largest selling brands like Bud light, Miller Lite and Coors Light are not mentioned and as far as I understand those brands are pretty much flat, neither growing nor reducing by very much and they far out weigh the production of any of the brands mentioned.
Finally, someone mentioned AB-INBEV's purchase of certain craft breweries. While they have invested in some and do own a portion they do not own a controlling share in those breweries. They basically just made smart investments.
Anyway, great reading Mikey as always. You do a great job keeping us here informed about what is going on in the world of beer not only in Utah but around the country.


Mikey said...

Welcome Back, Geoff!

Anonymous said...