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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Provo to Legalize Beer on Sunday?

In recent weeks Utah's beer community has been dealt a few blows when it comes to the the availability of beer. It's evil and should be hidden from view in places where it's siren song can entice children onto it's jagged rocks.

Provo, one of the most conservative and LDS places in Utah currently bans the sale of low point beers on Sunday. That may change. "This could be the end of Provo-bition," quipped Councilwoman Sherrie Hall Everett.

The Municipal Council agreed Tuesday to put an ordinance permitting Sunday beer sales on the agenda for the Sept. 20 council work session. The goal: Tap into the beer consumers who drive through Provo to Springville or other cities to get a six-pack on Sunday.

"To me, this is a no-brainer," Councilman Sterling Beck said. "We’re losing revenue by not legalizing it." James Olsen, president of the Utah Beer Wholesalers Association, hasn’t had a chance to discuss the ordinance with his members, but he said it could reduce drunken driving. He reasoned that if people drive farther to get beer, they may be tempted to drink it before they get home.

Who'd a thunk it, Provo? I'm sure Sen. Valentine is revving up the his overconsumption mobile to squash this craziness before it begins.


Source: Salt Lake Trib


Steve Koonce said...

I think the idea that these idiots think people can't wait to get home to drink their Sunday sixer is half the problem.

Diamond Mind said...

It'll probably still stay illegal in Logan!

xlpharmacy said...

Well i don't really have a problem with that because when the day is about to come i just buy beers and put some in the fridge and some next the fridge and that's it, the solution.