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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rocket Across America: The Zion Curtain

A few weeks ago a couple of guys from New York were passing though Salt Lake looking for a good story. Reporter Justin Rocket Silverman and videographer Vivek Kemp of The Daily have been traveling on a cross-country expedition to find the best, the boldest, and the strangest our nation has to offer.

As luck would have it, Justin & Vivek got into town the day the Zion Curtain controversy was on the lips of of everyone in the state. He contacted me, hoping someone could help explain this local oddity that had been causing such a buzz.

Here's what they came up with. An outsiders eyes on what was likely the weirdest part of their cross country trip.



kent said...

Nice little vid, and a quick concise explanation. I loved Suzanne's segment, and your's wasn't bad either Mikey.

Douglas said...

Yeah, we need to publicize the whole LDS founders being drinkers stuff. Did Brigham Young drink?

Josh said...

Yes, Brigham Young drank quite a bit, and owned breweries and whatnot, but it won't do any good to publicize it. The Mormons have convinced themselves that Jesus drank non-alcoholic grape juice.

Plang said...

Nice little piece - shame the legislators in this state don't care to see such things.

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