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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Possible Beacon of Light

Today the Senate Business and Labor Confirmation Committee; you know them, they're the branch of the legislature that muddle our brilliantly freakish liquor laws.

Anyway, these "Mensas" are looking to appoint a new director to head up the DABC. Right now the department is being temporarily managed by Francine Giani who is currently the Executive Director of the Utah Department of Commerce.

Giani has been a steadfast consumer advocate as well as the Director of the Division of Consumer Protection from 1992 - December 2005.

Francine is due to go before the Senate Business and Labor Confirmation Committee this morning to convince them she's the one for the job. I believe she is.

I don't know Francine personally just professionally, I've interviewed and had conversations with her. She's bright, seems full of common sense and is not a Utah native (New York). Though she is LDS, she did grow up grounded in reality.

She could be the beacon in the darkness that we've been hoping for. If appointed, let's hope the Legislature doesn't completely crush her will and spirit. Good luck today, Francine.


photo: Salt Lake Trib


Craig said...

You should run Mikey!

Brian said...

"Though she is LDS, she did grow up grounded in reality."

This comment really cracks me up. I understand where you're coming from when you say this. But at the time time, I have to ask myself if being LDS and "grounded in reality" is really possible?

Anonymous said...

She may be the best choice, but I doubt she'll get it. By all accounts, she's actually honest, speaks her mind, and doesn't cower to those out-of-their-minds asshats. Hardly what they consider good qualifications...

And after last week's incident of the mic "accidentally" being left on during the closed door DABC meeting (which proved it shouldn't have been closed, as policy was discussed, not personnel decisions like the DABC stated as their reason for closing the meeting to the public), I doubt she stands a chance. Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I can't see Valentine and Waddouche letting her keep the gig for long.

Plang said...

Mikey, I like your optimism – it tempers my pessimism. She probably will not get the job because she will push business interests instead of “thinking of the children” and cowering to the Legislature’s every whim. I would love to be wrong, but experience with our current set of leaders, including the gov, tells me otherwise.

Douglas said...

Looks like she is permanent now.

KAGent777 said...

From the Trib:
"Your ultimate goal as an organization is not to appear in the newspaper," said Sen. Jerry Stevenson, R-Layton, said during a committee hearing preceding their confirmations.

Such a sad commentary on the state of our state.


Mikey said...

It looks like Francine Giani, was confirmed Wednesday by the Utah Senate as director of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Let's hope her soul stays in tact.

Constance White, a social drinker was Aldo appointed to the board. Here's a link to the story in the Trib. It's pretty interesting.


Plang said...

She got the job, but considering her current relationship with the ABC Board, I don't think she will stay out of the papers for very long. I think that Jerry Stevenson did not pick his words carefully. He should try to stay out of the papers.

Mikey said...

This guy, Jerry Stevenson is a tool of the Nth degree. He's part of that whole "let's keep the public in the dark posse". Some pretty shady shit, if you ask me.

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