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Friday, August 04, 2017

New Beer Friday 8/4/17

New Beer Friday is chock-full of goodness this week. Now with twice the recommended dose of Conway Twitty!

Snake River's Eclipse Ale: This pale ale is citrusy and floral in the nose. The taste follows with a bit of tangerine and floral bitterness. There is some toasted grain sweetness rounding it out. Overall, it's a tasty pale, not bad for a one and done beer. 5.2% ABV @ Slackwater

Desert Edge's ALTernative Facts Alt: This is a light copper colored German Ale. Malty sweet aroma with a smooth bready malt flavor. Low hop flavor and dry finish 4.0% ABV. @ Desert Edge

Ballast Point's Sea Rose: Hints of pomegranate in the nose. The flavor has a creamy malts with some tart cherry flavor and pomegranate. The flavors as subtle and not in your face. Overall, the flavors are pleasant and it tastes surprisingly fresh. Highly drinkable. 4.0% ABV @ Harmon'sand othe grocery and C-stores.

Talisman Presents - North East Style IPA: Not tried this one yet. Described as juicy and tropical. 7.0% ABV @ Talisman

Melvin's Heyzues: Grassy lemon nose. The taste starts with crackers and dry malts. The bitterness is somewhat herbal with some lemongrass notes. The finish has some pine resins. This is a really great Mexican style lager. @ Slackwater, Bayou

Proper's Lei Effect: This Gose is enhanced with passion fruit. The nose is dry and tart with a slight hint of sulphides. The taste is lemony and slightly briny with tart passion fruit. Some dry cracker notes round out the tartness. 5.0% ABV. Debuts later this afternoon at Proper Brewing. 

Mother Earth's Primordial IIPA: Thus has a subdued nose of mostly citrus peel and flowery hops. The taste has pine, citrus and floral notes. The malts are somewhat muted. A bit of alcohol makes it slightly drying in the finish. A nice west coast style IPA, it's just a tad dry. 9.5% ABV @ Slackwater, Bayou, BeerHive 


1 comment:

Shane in SLC said...

I think the NEIPA is the best beer Talisman has done yet. They nailed the fruity hoppy style. I just stopped by Proper to pick up a few bottles of the Lei Effect; can't wait for Beer O'Clock!