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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Shot-Ski Record Returns to Park City

In January of 2014 the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado set a world's record for the longest shot-ski at 219 skis and 666 people at 973 feet long. In case you're not sure what a shot-ski is, think of a traditional snow ski that has shot glasses glued to the plank. Now get a bunch of friends, fill the shot glasses with whatever and drink it down at the same time without spilling. That's basically it.

On October, 22nd Park City, Utah broke that record as people celebrated the 30th anniversary of Wasatch Brewery. 1,191 people lined up in the middle of Park City’s Main Street to throw back some of Wasatch’s Premium Ale with a 961-foot-long shot-ski. That record lasted for about three months as Breckenridge took it back in January of this year with 1,234 people drinking from the 1,997-foot shot-ski.

Well, guess what? Park City and the Wasatch Brewery is looking to take it back once again. The one long ski (actually a total of 440 skis bolted together) will be hoisted at 2:00 p.m. on October, 14th in an attempt to re-break the record.

And to keep the celebration going, Wasatch Brewery will host a beer garden in the Brew Pub lot from noon until 6:00, complete with games, live music, a food truck and of course, a selection of Wasatch Brewery’s award-winning craft beers. This year's goal is to sign up a total of 1,250 beer-lovers.

There will be several different ticket options in 2017 including:
$20 ticket, good for one unreserved spot on a ski
$25 ticket, good for one unreserved spot on a ski plus entrance to the beer garden, plus your first beer (capacity limited to 600)
$500 VIP Team Ticket, which includes:
6 reserved spots on two skis
2 skis wrapped with your team or company name to take home as a souvenir
6 entrance passes to the Wasatch Beer Garden
6 beer tokens.

Now that the word has gotten out about what a fun event this is, organizers anticipate that it will sell out very quickly this year, so they are encouraging all potential participants to purchase tickets as soon as possible by going to www.parkcityshotski.eventbrite.com, says Wasatch Marketing Director Judy Cullen. And to inspire everyone to dress up in costume, Wasatch Brewery founder Greg Schirf will be handing out gift cards and Wasatch “swag” to entrants dressed in the best regalia. The goal, like last year, is to have fun while raising money for the Sunrise Rotary of Park City, a very worthwhile cause.

I had a blast participating in the record last year, I'd recommend that you all give it a "shot", see what I did there? Go Park City!


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