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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Strap Tank Plans New Brewpub

Is Strap Tank Brewing just a little too far south to make it a regular stop for you? If that's the case I have some news that will make you happy. Earlier this month, the Lehi City Planning Commission approved Strap Tank's concept plan for a new restaurant and microbrewery that is to be located at 3525 N. Outlet Parkway in Lehi's Traverse Mountain area.

The concept plan is said to be very similar to the Springville Strap Tank location, but will be modified to adjust to the sloped geography of Traverse Mountain. Of course some residence made their concerns known to the commission saying, they didn't want the brewpub near schools, parks or neighborhoods. They were assured by Lehi City, that zoning would not be an issue.

Lehi's Planning Commission unanimously approved the concept plan. Strap Tank still needs to return with a finalized site plan.

It would seem that owner, Rick Salisbury has "tapped" into an under served market in Utah County and that the area is due for a craft beer boom. I'll be following Strap Tank's progress in Lehi. Stay close for updates.


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