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Thursday, March 17, 2016

2016 St. Patrick's Day Stuff

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Some call it a "beer holiday" - others, "amateurs day" - I simply think of it as pleasant day spent with friends. Whatever your day has in store for you, I hope it involves at least one good beer - hopefully one that's not full of blue dye. Don't worry, if you have one - I won't go all "Beer Nazi" on your ass.

There will be a shload of things happening at damn near every watering hole you'll come across, so I'll leave you to your own conquests. But there are a couple of items of note happening that you should be aware of.

Ogden's Talisman Brewing Co. is supposed to open it's bottle shop today. I say "supposed to" because they are experiencing some ticky-tack bureaucratic B.S. from one inspector. If this paragon of virtue, sees fit, Talisman will be happy to sell you some of their brand new beer today. Please call the brewery before making the trip. I tried some of their beers last night, and the suds are quite good. I was most impressed with Promontory Pale Ale and the Dagda IPA. Look for The Kreation Krystalweizen, Bel's Fury Red Ale, Iron Age Oatmeal Stout and Uplifted Scottish Ale as well.

If you haven't had a chance to try Proper Brewing yet this would be the perfect time. The beer is flowing, the pub is open and the burgers kill.

Part 2 of Round One continues for another 24 hours (as of this writing) urge every beer drinker you know to support their favorite beers. Part 3 of Round One begins first thing Friday morning.

Slainte' and have a safe St. Patrick's Day!

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