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Monday, March 07, 2016

RoHa Brewing Project

It's going to be a great week for Northern Utah's Beer lovers. Proper Brewing Company will be officially opening it's doors and taps this coming Saturday and now, I have the pleasure to announce that Salt Lake City is getting yet another brewery to add to it's ever growing beer family.

RoHa Brewing Project will be focused on creating amazing craft beer, and distributing it through local grocery and liquor stores. Headed-up by former Desert Edge brewmaster Chris Haas, an award winning leader in the Salt Lake City's brewing scene for 20 years. Partners Rob Phillips and Josh Stern will also add to RoHa's unique flare - rounding out the business's circle.

Most of RoHa's brewing equipment has already been procured. The brewhouse will also be accompanied by an onsite tasting room and beer store. The brewery is currently in the planning stages now and jumping through the many hoops necessary to open. Chris, Rob and Josh are looking at an open sometime this summer at 30 E. Kensington in Salt Lake City, Utah.

RoHa Brewing Project is rooted in passion for life, for people, and for enjoying great beer. "We are three partners who are excited to bring new crafted beer to our friends".



Shane in SLC said...

This is exciting; this will be the closest brewery to my house! Actually, Shades of Pale is about the same distance, but it's an awfully sketchy 1.2 miles, and even the short walk from the streetcar line is dark, deserted, and scary. The walk to Kensington & State is much more residential and busy. Anyway, thanks for the news.

Joshua Stern said...

Can't wait, I've had Chris' beers for years, and to think he gets to have this opportunity to distribute is awesome for our state. Easy access too!