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Friday, March 11, 2016

New Beer Friday 3/11/16

There's a huge entry in to our market this week - on top of a new brewery's debut. It a good New Beer Friday.

Park City Nitro Oatmeal Coffee Stout - Not tried this yet. Made with Park City Roasters Coffee. 4.0% ABV @ Park City Brewery

Mountain West 7 Mile Cider - Not tried this yet. Release date is tomorrow (Saturday March 26) Described as a lighter drinking cider. 5.0% ABV @ Mountain West Hard Cidery

Wasatch Snap Down -  Fruity and tropical with mostly mosaic hops. This IPL has a toastier base than the typical IPA. Very nice beer. 4.0% ABV @ The Beer Store. Wide release next month.

2 Row Random #4 Falconers Flight - Brian Coleman is killing it with his IPAs. This newest version of Random features Falconers Flight Hops. This is a proprietary hop blend of various NW hops. It's very fruity with great citrus bitterness. It will make you happy. 8.5% ABV @2 Row Brewing

Alpine Duet IPA - Well these sure came in under the radar. Alpine makes some of the most coveted IPAs on the west coast. If you've had them, you get 'em. Fruity honey and nectarine flavors abound with citrusy hop enveloping it all. It's pretty, whoa! 7.0% ABV @BeerHive

Alpine Hoppy Birthday - Made with six different hops - this session IPA boasts a ton of pine, citrus and peach. Mouth feel is light but not thin. Damn yummy. 5.2% ABV @ BeerHive

Proper Brewing - The official opening is tomorrow (Saturday). Look for many favorites that have been previously offered at Avenues Proper, plus a few new high ABV options , including:

Faultline Red IPA - Not tried yet. 6.0% ABV @ Proper Brewing

Recommend Rye - A saison with rye spiciness that compliments the esters the Belgian yeast creates. 5.6% ABV @ Proper Brewing

Brumblin' Brown - Not tried yet. 5.2% ABV @ Proper Brewing