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Monday, March 21, 2016

Utah Beer Challenge: Round One - Final Match-ups

The third part of the first round saw many beers that were in much closer races. Many of the beers representing in these match-ups had less than ten vote separating them, with the narrowest victory going to Park City's Boogie Water Brown - winning with just two points. 2 Row proved to be a strong contender, having their IPAs winning handily.

We are finally getting through the final 16 beer in Round One. More tough choices are to come. Voting for these beer will end on Wednesday morning - Round Two will begin immediately after.

I need to make one correction. I was informed that Epic's Brainless Corruption is not currently in production, so it's been replaced by Epic's Hopulent IPA. I'll try to make that correction on the bracket after the votes are in.

Here's the voting breakdown of the last voting round.
26.35%Park City Hooker Blonde
44 (26.35%)
73.65%Epic Big Bad Baptist
123 (73.65%)
(167 Total Votes)
79.87%2 Row Accelerator IPA
119 (79.87%)
20.13%Desert Edge Krystalweizen
30 (20.13%)
(149 Total Votes)
53.39%Roosters ESB 5.8%
63 (53.39%)
46.61%Hoppers Lil Pip's Mild
55 (46.61%)
(118 Total Votes)
82.05%RedRock CoHOPeration
128 (82.05%)
17.95%Shades of Pale 4 Play Porter
28 (17.95%)
(156 Total Votes)
48.76%Desert Edge British Mild
59 (48.76%)
51.24%Bonneville Sir Malcom's Stout
62 (51.24%)
(121 Total Votes)
46.51%Wasatch Pumpkin Ale
60 (46.51%)
53.49%Vernal Allosaurus Amber Ale
69 (53.49%)
(129 Total Votes)
50.77%Park City Boogie Water Brown Ale
66 (50.77%)
49.23%Roosters Iron Rooster Imperial Stout
64 (49.23%)
(130 Total Votes)
76.6%2 Row Random DIPA #1
108 (76.6%)
23.4%Shades of Pale Ready to Fly Amber
33 (23.4%)
(141 Total Votes)

1 comment:

RoadKill said...

This is shaping up to be some real competition in the 2nd round! Shame to see a couple decent beers lose out in the first round, but it has reminded me that I need to go back and visit some of these great breweries again! Hoppers, Bohemian, Avenues Proper, Red Rock, Squatters, Desert Edge, Zion and Vernal Brewing all have great food to compliment their beers! I have yet to hit Moab since the days of being Eddie McStiff's. Also looking forward to how many more breweries will be on next years board with the coming of Talisman, Kiitos, Maple Mountain (jalapeƱo blonde would be a great choice), and Strap Tank! Thanks for all your hard eork and dedication! One sip at a time! Cheers Mikey!