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Monday, March 28, 2016

Epic's Los Locos to be Canned

Epic will soon be canning their Los Locos Mexican Lager. This beer is brewed with white corn, lime juice and sea salt. This beer was specially made as a house beer for the Los Chingones Mexican Restaurant located in Denver, CO. It is now no longer exclusive to that establishment and will soon be hitting Epic's distribution markets (I would assume) by late April/early may for Cinco De Mayo. It will have an ABV of 4.8%.

This isn't your typical Mexican lager. The corn, salt and lime give this cerveza a wholly unique fruity slant. Stay close for it's arrival date.

Also, today. Talisman Brewing Company's bottle shop is now open. Go get 'em!

Now on the Utah Beer Challenge

Epic handed 2 Row their first loss, pitting Accelerator against Big Bad Baptist. It was a tight race - only six votes separating them. A long time local favorite did well in another tough match-up. Bohemian's Cherny Bock went against the grain beating out Epic's Brainless IPA. And the final battle of note saw Avenues Proper's Oatmeal Red beat out their own Patersbier.

Now For the Sweet Sixteen match-ups. This round will see the big hoppy beers from RedRock going up against one another. As of Now all four RedRed beers are still in the race that will end soon with this battle - Two very different Farmhouse Ales with Epic and 2 Row respectively are ready to go at it as well. Those are the big battles to watch. I'm sure there will more interesting things to discuss pending the outcome of the Sweet Sixteen. Here are the results of the of the finals of Round Two.

51.76%Epic Big Bad Baptist
88 (51.76%)
48.24%2 Row Accelerator IPA
82 (48.24%)
(170 Total Votes)
5.59%Roosters Argo ESB
8 (5.59%)
94.41%RedRock CoHOPeration
135 (94.41%)
(143 Total Votes)
62.04%Bonneville Sir Malcom's Stout
67 (62.04%)
37.96%Vernal Allosaurus Amber
41 (37.96%)
(108 Total Votes)
15.03%Park City - Boogie Water Brown Ale
23 (15.03%)
84.97%2 Row Random Double IPA
130 (84.97%)
(153 Total Votes)
57.33%Bohemian Cherney Bock
86 (57.33%)
42.67%Epic Brainless IPA
64 (42.67%)
(150 Total Votes)
58.18%2 Row - 24K Golden Ale
96 (58.18%)
41.82%Epic Hopulent IPA
69 (41.82%)
(165 Total Votes)
60.98%Squatters - Schwartzbier
75 (60.98%)
39.02%Hoppers - Madame X Stout
48 (39.02%)
(123 Total Votes)
42.52%Avenues Proper Patersbier
54 (42.52%)
57.48%Avenues Proper Oatmeal Stout
73 (57.48%)
(127 Total Votes)

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