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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Experimental IPA from Uinta Helps Homeless Pets

In collaboration with Love UT Give UT, Animal Services, Uinta Brewing is launching a new Pit Crew and Cat Cru logo. The new service encourages animal lovers to donate to Utah FACES - an animal support group that directly helps fund the animals served by Salt Lake County Animal Services. 

Utah FACES helps Animal Services provide low cost spay and neuter, free microchips, surgeries for injured animals and much more!

Uinta will be featuring an exclusive Experimental IPA straight from Research & Development and they'll also be kicking off their brand new dog friendly patio! The event runs tomorrow, March 31st from 4pm to 8pm. 1722 s. Fremont Drive, Salt Lake City

If you'd like to give directly to Utah FACES we have their link here.

The Sweet Sixteen Round of the Utah Beer Challenge has ended - if there's been one reoccurring theme this year, it's that RedRock and 2 Row have a definite following. Now it's time for these two top breweries to start banging heads in the Elite Eight round along with Squatters, Epic and Avenues Proper.

This is the round that will shape the finals - makes sure to support the beer you truly believe in. Round Four/Elite Eight will end Friday morning. And the Final Four Round will begin bright and early on Monday morning. Here is the voting breakdown of the Sweet Sixteen Round. Thanks for Voting!

26.37%RedRock - Imperial Red Ale
53 (26.37%)
73.63%RedRock Elephino Double IPA
148 (73.63%)
(201 Total Votes)
66.67%Squatters - Fifth Elemant
124 (66.67%)
33.33%Moab - Hopped Rye
62 (33.33%)
(186 Total Votes)
64.09%2 Row - Dangeraux
141 (64.09%)
35.91%Epic - Elder Brett
79 (35.91%)
(220 Total Votes)
76.96%RedRock - Drioma Imperial Stout
147 (76.96%)
23.04%Avenues Proper - Proper Beer
44 (23.04%)
(191 Total Votes)
51.01%Epic - Big Bad Baptist
101 (51.01%)
48.99%RedRock - CoHOPoperation
97 (48.99%)
(198 Total Votes)
15.84%Bonneville - Sir Malcom's Stout
32 (15.84%)
84.16%2 Row Random - Double IPA
170 (84.16%)
(202 Total Votes)
42.51%Bohemian - Cherny Bock
88 (42.51%)
57.49%2 Row - 2K Golden Ale
119 (57.49%)
(207 Total Votes)
41.21%Squatters - Black Forest Schwartzbier
68 (41.21%)
58.79%Avenues Proper Oatmeal Red
97 (58.79%)
(165 Total Votes)

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