Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Snap Down IPL

Remember Snap Down Header from Wasatch? It was an Indian Pale Lager that hit our market in May of 2014. it was a nice herbal/spicy heavily hopped lager that was a nice draft option for quite some time.

Well, you can for get it. Everything about it is about to change - and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

•Gone is the old soccer theme, it's been replaced with a dragon.
•Gone is the name, Snap Down Header, It's now simply Snap Down
•Gone is the spicy/herbal hopiness - replaced with the more approachable tropical Mosaic hops.

So it's basically a band new beer. I love Mosaic hops, they'll make a highly drinkable, uniquely citrus American take on the traditional lager. I haven't tried it yet but I believe it's already on draft at the Utah Brewers Cooperative - double check that with a phone call before heading over please.


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