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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stone Brewing Coming to Utah

In a press release from a few days ago, Stone Brewing Company announced that they were pursuing the goal to have their beers available in all 50 States by the end of 2016. The top ten brewery recently opened it second brewery in Richmond, VA and will soon be opening their newest brewery in Berlin, Germany.

If the they hold to the 2016 schedule they will likely be in our market by the ass end of this year or possibly early 2017. That's giving the DABC's understaffed beer department time enough scrutinize and to do the all important beer tasting and endless paperwork that all beers must go through. Imply heavy sarcasm here.

Epic's Elder Brett is back again, Utah! This is Salt Lake City's second dose of the local, wild ale this year. The beer will go to spring release starting next year instead of it's traditional winter. This version of the 2016 release was aged an additional 3 months to develop a deep herbal bouquet with light fruity notes of strawberry, agave, and apricot. If you're a fan of Brettanomyces you have to give this release a try. Available now at Epic's bottle shop, so go get 'em! 

Also today at Epic - the Lil' Brainless Raspberries is in the limited release growlers. The raspberry is subtle and tart with some dry and puckering tannin notes. You get some floral bitterness on the back of the tongue. With a finish that is semi tart and dry. It has that rich, estery and spicy, Belgian yeast funk backing up the base beer. 5.2% ABV

Finally - Today at Squatters Downtown Brewpub, join Equality Utah, The Utah Pride Center and the Utah AIDS Foundation for Love Utah Give Utah’s day of charitable giving at Squatters Pub Brewery from 4 PM until 7 PM on Thursday, March 31st. Complimentary appetizers and a cash bar will be provided. Open your hearts and wallets and throw back a cold one in the process!

Reminder this current round in the Utah Beer Challenge ends tomorrow morning, so vote!


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