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Friday, March 25, 2016

New Beer Friday 3/25/16

When I came across this pic of Lauren Lerch - "squeeing" over her beer and weenie, I just had to co-opt it, twist it and mangle it for my own bizarre purposes. If you want to get to know our own local Crafty Beer Girls, checkout Lauren and "co-beer girl" Jenni Shafer at Crafty Beer Girls.com It's worth your bandwidth.

Brewery Ommegang ~ Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms - This one is described as a hoppy wheat ale. It's described as having a hazy pale yellow with a thick cap of pure white foam. The aroma is floral, citrusy with a touch of passion fruit and a slightly herbal hop aroma underpinned with yeast notes of banana, ripe fruit, and spicy phenols. The taste is a full, round hop flavor with tart orange and lemon with a substantial wheat maltiness and the finish has slightly lingering hop notes without being harshly bitter. The mouthfeel is smooth and silken owing to the wheat and oats. 6.9% ABV @ DABC

Anderson Valley ~ Spring Hornin' - The nose has some spicy citrus notes with some honey malts as well. The taste is definitely hop forward with orange and other vague citrus flavors up front with a bit of pine in the back. There good malty backbone present as well that fades to a semi dry finish after mingling with the hops. 6.8% ABV @ DABC

Green Flash ~ Passion Fruit Kicker - Haven't tried this yet. It's a Wheat Beer made with passion fruit tea and passion fruit juice with a bit of  2-row malted barley. Described as tart and fruity. 5.5% ABV @ Slackwater - DABC

As predicted, the race between Squatters 529 and Epic's Elder Brett was a close one with the Elder pulling out the win. One of our previous finalists - Desert Edge's UPA, sadly falls against the powerhouse from Squatters, Fifth Element.

This second part of Round Two will have Avenues Proper going up against themselves (explain that one to your therapist, Rio)  and 2 Row's 2K Golden Ale may get a good fight going up against Epic's Hopulent IPA. Remember Hopulent replaced Corruption from Epic. Sadly I cannot edit the bracket once the competition has begun. Please keep that in mind when voting.

Here's the voting breakdown from the previous Utah Beer Challenge votes. Voting for Round Two will end Sunday morning - Round Three will begin Monday Morning. Any comments on how the match-ups have been so far?

20.86%Bohemian Bavarian Weiss
39 (20.86%)
79.14%RedRock Imperial Red Ale
148 (79.14%)
(187 Total Votes)
14.51%Shades of Pale - Saint Blackout Triple
28 (14.51%)
85.49%RedRock Elephino Double IPA
165 (85.49%)
(193 Total Votes)
35.23%Desert Edge - UPA
62 (35.23%)
64.77%Squatters - Fifth Element
114 (64.77%)
(176 Total Votes)
60%Moab - Hopped Rye
102 (60%)
40%Wasatch - Black O' Lantern
68 (40%)
(170 Total Votes)
36.17%Avenues Proper Gose the Gozerian
68 (36.17%)
63.83%2 Row Dangeraux
120 (63.83%)
(188 Total Votes)
47.98%Squatters - 529 Oud Bruin
83 (47.98%)
52.02%Epic - Elder Brett
90 (52.02%)
(173 Total Votes)
11.48%Roosters - Junction City Chocolate Stout
21 (11.48%)
88.52%RedRock - Drioma Imperial Stout
162 (88.52%)
(183 Total Votes)
38.51%Bonneville - Redline Irish Red
62 (38.51%)
61.49%Avenues Proper - Proper Beer
99 (61.49%)
(161 Total Votes)

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