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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Setbacks for Utah's Breweries?

It looks like the attempt to bring distilleries, wineries and breweries under one tasting rule has ended as we originally feared. HB228 was passed yesterday by the Senate and confirmed by the House that same evening. I believe all these rules apply to "high point" beer.

HB228 now allows for samples of liquor and wines. Good news for those manufactures. Now for the bad news.

Zion Curtains are now coming to wineries, distilleries, and breweries. Older tap rooms may be grandfathered in.

Limits per day. only one tasting per calendar day. I believe this applies to liquor and wine.

All manufactures will be required to charge for all tastings and at a rate equivalent to its portion of the bottle. So for reference $25 bottle with 25 tastes each taste must cost at least $1

The food requirements are now more strict than in previous language. There will likely be some type of food prep involved.

I haven't had a chance to comb the complete legislation, this is how I understand it. Anyone with a different understanding please share your thoughts. 

These laws will likely go into affect after May 2016.

Image courtesy: Pat Bagley


holly said...

So, in one of the discussions in the House, the bill creator was asked if this would require a 'Zion Curtain' and he said 'no'. I haven't followed its course through the Senate, however. It could also be that the author was thinking of the tasting area being in a separate part of the building and an area where under-21s could not enter anyway. Sigh. I think it's great that distilleries can now offer tastings, but why do they have to screw with everything else?

Hoping to get a chance to read the final tonight and watch some of the videos from the Senate discussions.

Trent said...

We need to band together and get Herbert to Veto. The law doesn't help anyone but high west who basically paid for the bill. It hurts everyone else especially the smallest of manufactures.

The law sucks and the people who enacted it didn't represent the people who elected them in to office. No one was behind this bill, we all voiced our opinions it should be killed and not voted for. 29 yes and 2 no's doesn't sound like representation to me when we were overwhelming not in favor. I reached out to our rep and he still voted for it, that is BS in my book. Once again personal agendas pushing forward vs. the will of the people. We need to hold them accountable and are holding events at the brewery tap room to meet the people running against the incumbents to be able to understand where they stand, friend or foe. You will know who to vote for in November. Don't be apathetic your vote counts more than you know in November, banding together we can make change happen, divided we fall.

Rise up against the machine and stand tall people change is upon us!

Unknown said...

In other news the Oklahoma Senate passed SJR 68 which will allow the purchase of full strength beer and wine in grocery stores. It will now go to a vote in November 2016, which could potentially have huge implications to 3.2 beer in all other states to include Utah. Potentially could be some changes to alcohol laws coming in 16-17'.

Mikey said...

Thanks for the update on that, Brandon.