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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Coming Soon to Proper Brewing

Before we get into the beer, I'd like wish you all a happy 420. Sadly all of the dankness discussed here will be about all of the hops. Now on to the beer!

There are a couple of new IPAs coming to Proper Brewing Company in Salt Lake City. The First offering we're previewing is Hop vs Hop. This is a new IPA series that will feature an alternating pair of hops that will test how well the bittering flower play together. There's word yet on how often the rotations will occur - I'm sure it will be often enough to keep local hop heads on their toes.

The Next IPA is Ostara IPA. Ostara, is the old English name for the vernal equinox. This beer will be a Belgo-IPA. It will have the character of an Abby-style golden ale, combined with grapefruit and lemon peel all wrapped around a blanket tropical notes. The Alcohol scale will likely be on the higher end.

These beers will likely take advantage of the heat of summer to make them pop. We'll of course update you on their debuts.


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