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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Salt Lake's Sour Saturday

You're going to have to plan your Saturday well if you want to acquire two of the state's more coveted sour ales this weekend.

RedRock's Paardebloem will be released for sale at the Beer Store on Saturday the 23rd at 11am. About 400 750mL bottles available to-go at $15 each (limit 2).

However, RedRock has set up special online purchase of 50 Paardebloem bottles to help raise funds for our friend Bad Brad Wheeler of KRCL Radio. If you're not aware, Brad was involved in a serious accident, that has him layed-up and unable to work. His medical bills are piling up fast.

For a $10 donation per bottle (plus the cost of the beer), you can help Brad out. This means “no waiting in line” for those willing cough up a $20 donation.You'll be able to snag your Paardebloems from the comfort of your own barcalounger. Brad has become a great advocate of Utah craft beer scene and RockRock just wants to throw a little love his way. All proceeds from the online purchases will go directly to Brad. Here's the link to reserve your bottles. The online portion also opens-up at 11am, Saturday.

Our other Saturday release has Epic's Sour Brainless Peaches going on sale an hour earlier at 10am. This is a very limited release. About 150 - 22oz. bottles. These bottles have a limit of ONE per person.

I've talked to both breweries, these releases weren't planned to coincide with each other, It's just one of those things to file under the beer shit happens tab.


1 comment:

craig41 said...

the brad donation/no wait appears to be sold out, i was too slow.