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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Selkirk Abby Enters the Utah Market

Selkirk Abby out of Post Falls Idaho has quietly popped into the capital city's grid. I was bumping around the Harmon's Grocery store at City Creek the other night and came across these two new beers.

The first is Chapel, the breweries Witbier. This is a special Utah version taken down to 4% from it's usual 4.9%. The other is a Belgian style single ale called IV. This beer is brand new and was designed especially for the our market.

I'll try to get some tasting notes up by New Beer Friday time.

Selkirk Abby is a Belgian themed brewery that is not limited to those particular styles. They have four year-round offerings, six seasonals and three special releases.

If you find these somewhere besides the City Creek Harmon's please share.



Unknown said...

Found both at Winco

Mikey said...

Thanks, 69dhanson!